Benefits/Insurance Request Software

Benefits/Insurance Request Software

ID-Queue makes every interaction an opportunity to provide proactive support and increase patient satisfaction. This application system plays an integral role in improving coordination, oversight, and overall access to services. This system connects patients to the right specialist, at the right time, to address their insurance needs. Administrative reports assist in analyzing performance and trends.

  • Manages and Organizes In-House Appointments
  • Increases Health Insurance Enrollment and Eligibility Verifications
  • Provides Real-Time Response to Patient’s Insurance Needs
  • Decreases Visit Cancellation and Missed Revenue

The solution to workflow improvement is simple.



Patients request a meeting with Benefit Specialist and their specific insurance needs are noted and the request is submitted.



Benefit Specialists see requests in their Queue and are able to accept request and address patient’s insurance needs efficiently. Real-time requests improve health equity and patient’s health.



The moment the benefit review is completed the appointment workflow is saved. All request data is stored and can be reviewed in real-time by managers or at any time for further analysis.

ID-Queue software is transforming healthcare delivery.

Reports in ID-Queue’s Admin allow managers and execs to review and analyze demands, challenges and success. This report captures cancellation reasons, helping to better identify patterns and potential waste.

The ID-Queue Dashboard enables healthcare teams to streamline insurance needs so patients can receive the care they need when they need it!

ID-Queue software allows staff to submit requests quickly. Request prioritization is pre-determined by administrators. STAT requests are automatically sent to top of the Queue.

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