Behavioral Health Dispatch Software

By identifying behavioral health issues in primary care it allows both medical and behavioral health clinicians to work together and address the whole person. ID-Queue’s integrated behavioral health application removes communication inefficiencies while searching for behavioral health providers. This collaborative care model presents the best outcome for the patient while reducing costs and increasing workflow.

  • Reduces Barriers of Time, Referrals & Stigma
  • Improves Access to Same Day Behavioral Health Expertise
  • Increases “Warm Hand Off” to Behavioral Health Service
  • High Risk Notifier Alerts Staff to Immediate Needs of a Client in Crisis

The solution to workflow improvement is simple.



A patient meets with a healthcare physician and mentions a behavioral concern. Provider enters a request for a behavioral health clinician and it is seen in real time.



The Behavioral Health Clinician reviews request and reports to the provided location for warm hand off. The BHC engages, assess and assists patient with clinical expertise and coordinated care.



The system time stamps the workflow from request to completion and reports are generated in real-time. This refines next steps for complete patient care and the ability to adjust treatment plan.

ID-Queue software is transforming healthcare delivery.

The dashboard was built, and beta tested by an Integrated Behavioral Health team. Connecting technology and clinical expertise proved successful.

Behavioral Health Requests are tailored to the customers workflow and allow for pre-visit planning prior to “warm hand off”.

Data is captured in real-time and helps managers identify volume trends.

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