Our mission is to help healthcare partners increase access to their services, optimize productivity and improve patient outcomes.

After working as a medical social worker at a federally qualified health center for 12 years, I founded ID-Queue because I saw a need.

Alexandra Avedisian

Founder and CEO

At any given time, our healthcare team would be serving 65 to 100 patients — speaking as many as eight languages — in offices spread throughout our five-story building. The process for getting an interpreter was cumbersome and slow, wasting time and money and impeding our ability to help people. We needed workflow management software to improve service delivery and decrease response time.

ID-Queue was created in 2013 as a solution. Before 2013, the average wait time for an interpreter in our clinic was 30-45 minutes. Since then, wait time has been cut by more than 50%.

Customers are now using our software to deploy other kinds of staff — behavioral health clinicians, maintenance workers, benefit navigators, even transportation providers. Now fully implemented in hospitals and health centers, ID-Queue has improved the efficiency of workflow across departments.

Patients deserve a system that improves care and decreases wait time. ID-Queue’s economically priced software is easy to use and generates data with endless options for workflow improvement.

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